How to Sell Books on Amazon International Marketplaces

Adam Wilkens


In the digital age, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) stands as a beacon for aspiring authors and entrepreneurs looking to carve a niche in the literary world. With its extensive reach, Amazon KDP not only simplifies the process of publishing but also opens the door to international markets, making it an invaluable platform for those pondering how to sell books on Amazon. Whether you're considering selling used books on Amazon or exploring the lucrative domain of creating non-traditional book products, this article is your comprehensive guide to harnessing Amazon KDP to its fullest potential.

Understanding Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is a self-publishing service that allows authors to publish their books without the need for a traditional publishing house. The platform provides access to a global audience, with the ability to sell in Amazon's international marketplaces. This feature is particularly appealing for those looking to expand their reach beyond their home country, making the dream of selling books on Amazon a tangible reality.

The Allure of International Marketplaces

Expanding into Amazon's international marketplaces offers a plethora of opportunities for authors and publishers. It enables them to tap into new audiences, diversify their reader base, and potentially increase their earnings. However, to effectively sell in foreign markets, it's crucial to understand the nuances of each marketplace, including language preferences, cultural nuances, and local trends. Tailoring your marketing strategies to suit these aspects can significantly boost your chances of success.

Royalties in Foreign Markets

Royalties on Amazon KDP vary by marketplace due to differences in tax laws and operational costs. Generally, authors can choose between two royalty options: 35% or 70%, depending on the pricing and distribution choices made. When selling internationally, it's important to consider the currency exchange rates and how they may affect your earnings. Amazon provides detailed guidance on royalties for each marketplace, ensuring transparency and aiding authors in making informed decisions.

Where Do I Expand to International Distribution in KDP?

It is a rather simple process, and available in the pricing step. Once you have named your book, entered all of the product description, and uploaded your manu script you will be promted to a sub-menu for the book price. From here you will see a sub-section for "Pricing, royalty, and distribution" and it will allow for two options; Amazon Only or Expanded Distribution. By selecting only your domestic market you will make a higher royalty per book sold, currently 60% for a paper back. You can opt for the expanded distribution and receive only a 40% royalty for domestic sales however you will also automaticall have listings created in countries like UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweeden, Japan, Canada, and Austrlia.

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Beyond Traditional Books: Exploring Creative Avenues

Amazon KDP's versatility extends beyond traditional storytelling. The platform accommodates a wide range of book types, including journals with empty pages, crossword and word puzzle books, activity books, and coloring books for kids. These alternatives to traditional books offer authors and creators a chance to generate recurring revenue without adhering to the conventional definition of writing a book. Such products cater to specific niches and interests, opening up new avenues for creativity and entrepreneurship.

Is Selling Books on Amazon Worth It?

The question of whether selling books on Amazon is worth it largely depends on your goals, strategies, and the uniqueness of your product. With the right approach, including thorough research, strategic pricing, and effective marketing, Amazon KDP can be a highly profitable venture. Success stories abound, with numerous authors and creators leveraging the platform to achieve financial independence and international recognition.

Tips for Success

Understand Your Market:

Research your target audience and their preferences. Tailoring your content and marketing efforts to suit different international markets can significantly enhance your success rate.

Optimize Your Listings:

Use SEO-friendly titles and descriptions, incorporating keywords such as "how to sell books on Amazon" and "sell books on Amazon" to improve visibility.

Leverage Amazon Marketing Tools:

Utilize Amazon's advertising tools and promotional strategies to boost your book's visibility across its international platforms.

Monitor Your Performance:

Keep an eye on sales data and customer feedback to continually refine your approach and offerings.

Explore Non-Traditional Book Formats:

Don't limit yourself to conventional books. Experiment with journals, puzzles, and activity books to tap into different market segments.

Amazon KDP presents a world of opportunities for authors and entrepreneurs willing to explore the vastness of international marketplaces. By understanding the intricacies of foreign markets, mastering the royalty system, and embracing creative book concepts, you can unlock the potential for substantial growth and success on this global platform. Whether you're selling traditional novels or innovative puzzle books, Amazon KDP equips you with the tools and reach needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of publishing. With the support of a full service Amazon consulting agency, you can further enhance your strategies and navigate the complexities of global publishing to maximize your success.