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With a traditional detail page only your title, bullets, and description do all the work. Amazon A+ Content expands the likelihood that consumers will find your product versus the competition who may not be utilizing A+ content. The addition of this expanded product data can quantifiable add 5-10% more sales conversion.

Dotcom Reps can guide or create all of your A+ Content merchandising needs. Using our professional Amazon A+ content services and creative team, we can help develop custom-enhanced marketing content (EMC) for your ASIN pages. The Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) is a unique identification number assigned by and its partners for product identification within the organization.

Successful product marketing at Amazon starts with accurate product images and informative text- based product descriptions. However, complex and easily explained products often benefit from additional descriptive Amazon A+ content that can help customers make more informed buying decisions.

At Amazon, partners that wish to add this kind of content to their products can do so by creating enhanced product descriptions through A+ Content. This upgraded product description, available only to brand owners, provides additional opportunities to communicate more product information to your customer. Amazon A+ content is best suited for in-depth benefits not already presented within the main product images, bullet features, or standard product description fields.

The ultimate goal of adding the A+ content onto your ASIN page is to increase traffic, length of time browsing, and sales conversion to your detail page. The Amazon A+ content acts as a digital catalog to keep the focus and interest on your product page so the potential customer does not feel the need to continue browsing like products. Another benefit of Amazon A+ content is that the images are completely SERP optimized with hidden keywords. This means that the content in the A+ portion of the description will aid in the searchability of your product.

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