How to Delete Amazon Review Using These Simple Steps

Adam Wilkens


Removing Amazon reviews can be approached from different perspectives depending on whether you are a customer who posted a review, a seller, or a manufacturer concerned about a review on your product's listing. It is important to note that, unless you can determine which customer left the poor review and contact them directly, removal or deletion of reviews is VERY unlikely in the current environment. However, there are strategies and procedures you can follow to navigate the process of how to delete Amazon reviews.

Here's how each party can address the removal of reviews on Amazon: Learn how to remove amazon review

If You Are a Customer: How to Delete Amazon Review

Deleting Your Own Review:

If you've posted a review and wish to remove it, you can do so by going to your account, navigating to "Your Contributions," finding the review, and selecting the option to delete it. This must be done through the customers access to the App or while logged in through their browser.

Editing Your Review:

If you prefer to modify your review rather than delete it entirely, you can edit your review in the same section where you would go to delete it.

If You Are a Seller or Manufacturer: How to Remove Amazon Review

Report a Violation:

Also known as"RAV" - If a review violates Amazon's customer review policies (e.g., contains offensive language, is not product-specific, provide geolocation, hats speech, or is clearly biased), you can report it to Amazon for removal. This is done through the "Report abuse" link available on each review. Amazon now asks you for a reason when you report the review which include paid promotion, fake, inappropriate, and other.

Amazon's Automated Checks:

Amazon uses automated systems to detect and remove reviews that are in violation of their policies. This process is automatic and not initiated by sellers or manufacturers. At the time when each review is submitted to Amazon by the customer, Amazon will review it to see if it violates any of their community review policies. They will also check IP to see if there is any relationship to the product being sold, or if you have a history of being affiliated with any paid reviews. These systems are in place to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure the authenticity of reviews, including those seeking to delete review on Amazon.

Contact Amazon Support:

If you believe a review is unjust or violates guidelines and reporting it hasn't resulted in removal, you can contact Amazon seller support for further assistance. Be prepared to explain why the review should be considered for removal. As you begin to type the contact reason the system will generally field you to the correct team. I would expect an automated response back from Amazon along with links to their review policies on reviews, and removal of reviews.

Important Considerations for Delete Review on Amazon

Policy Compliance:

Amazon is strict about its review policies to maintain the integrity of reviews. Attempts to manipulate reviews, including asking for positive reviews or offering incentives for reviews, can result in penalties. These penalties could mean temporary or lifetime bans from the platform for review manipulation.

Genuine Customer Feedback:

It's important to remember that not all negative reviews can or should be removed. Genuine customer feedback, even if negative, is valuable for improving products and services. Just because you received a bad review and do not like it, does not mean it is not authentic. Remember that you cannot make every customer happy, and reviews are an average. The smart customers can read between the lines and seperate the noise from valuable product feedback.

Legal Action:

In rare cases, if a review is libelous or defamatory, legal action might be a route to consider. However, this is an extreme measure and outside of Amazon's internal processes. I would discourage this as it will likely cost you a lot of money, time, and in the end you will have remorse. Its makes more sense to focus on selling more product and encourage 5-star reviews which will outweight the bad reviews in the long term.

It's crucial to approach the removal of reviews within the framework of Amazon's policies and guidelines to avoid potential repercussions.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful regarding the process of how to remove a review on Amazon. Please check back for more tips! If you need further assistance, consider reaching out to an Amazon Consulting Agency.