Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads - All You Need To Know About It

Adam E. Wilkens


As an Amazon advertiser, you're always looking for ways to improve your sales and lower your costs. One way to do this is by using amazon sponsored brand video ads. By using video ads, you can reach more customers and sell more products while also reducing your cost of goods sold (ACoS). In this blog post, we'll explain why you should use video ads and how they can help you boost your sales and lower your costs. We'll also provide some tips on creating successful video ads that will help you maximize your results. So if you're looking for a way to improve your performance on Amazon, read on!

Maximizing Your ROI with Amazon Sponsored Brand Video Ads

You're probably already using video ads on other platforms like YouTube, but have you considered using them on Amazon as well? If you're selling a product online, video ads can be a powerful sales tool. By using video to feature your product and demonstrate its unique characteristics, you can easily draw customers in and convince them of your product's value. With platforms like YouTube as an option for advertising, it may seem like Amazon is overlooked when exploring video ad possibilities. However, utilizing Amazon for your video ads opens up an entirely new potential market – after all, no other site offers the same combination of visibility and access to customers hungry for sales. Don't neglect this valuable opportunity – consider taking advantage of Amazon's expansive customer base today! Video ads on Amazon are a great way to increase sales and lower your ACoS (advertising cost of sale), since they allows you to target potential customers who are already interested in what you're selling.

Amazon's video ads are a smart advertising strategy for any retailer. By allowing you to target shoppers who have already demonstrated an interest in your product, you can be confident that the people viewing your ad will at least show some kind of engagement. Not only that, but this type of ad is known to reduce cost-of-sale ratios dramatically - meaning more sales at a fraction of the cost. All of these factors show that by using video ads on Amazon, you can reach potential customers quickly and efficiently while also minimizing costs as much as possible.

To learn about the ad specs for sponsored brand video.

Here's How to Set Up Sponsored Brands Video Ads on Amazon

Sponsored brand videos on Amazon provide a powerful way to reach customers through engaging content. Setting up these video ads requires a few steps: signing into your seller account, choosing the objectives you want to accomplish with the video, creating an ad campaign and specifying a budget, submitting your ad for review, and monitoring progress once the video goes live. Following this simple process will ensure that your sponsored brand video ad is attractive to customers and provides the desired results.

First, Create a Video that Tells Potential Customers About Your Product

When it comes to connecting with potential customers and introducing them to your product or service, a well-crafted video is an invaluable tool. This video should be engaging, informative, and creative; infographics, music and voiceover can be used to make sure that the message is clear. A cleverly constructed video does more than just introduce your product or service: it also showcases your brand's personality in an interesting way. Investing time and effort into constructing an effective video will give you the chance to make a great impression on potential customers.

An Amazon video advertisement should generally be around 30 seconds to one minute in length. However, if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your video ad, it is recommended that you make it 50% longer than usual, with more details and facts as well as higher semantic richness. This will allow you to better engage viewers and give them enough time to understand the value of your product or service before deciding whether or not to purchase it. Additionally, longer videos are more likely to appear in search engine results and thus can help boost visibility for your product even further.

To ensure that your video ad is successful, it is important to create a compelling story that resonates with potential customers. You should highlight the unique features of your product or service and explain why customers should choose your brand over competitors. Showcase customer testimonials, if available, as these can provide social proof that reinforces the value of your product or service. Make sure that the visuals and audio are of high quality and relevant to the message being conveyed in order for viewers to remain engaged throughout the entire duration of the video. Finally, include a strong call-to-action at the end of the video which encourages viewers to take immediate action, such as visiting your website or making a purchase.

Next, Upload the Video to Amazon S3 and Create a Campaign in the Amazon Advertising Console

Navigate to your ad console or visit the Amazon Advertising home page.

When uploading your video ad to Amazon S3, you will also need to include certain metadata such as a title and description as well as an image thumbnail that accurately reflects the content of your video. This information will help ensure that your video appears correctly when users search for relevant keywords on Amazon's platform. Finally, all videos must comply with Amazon's Advertising Policies including those about copyright infringement and inappropriate content.

These are just some of the basic Amazon sponsored brand video ads specifications that you should keep in mind when creating your ad campaigns. Not only do they help ensure that your videos meet the necessary technical requirements but they also guarantee that your content is engaging enough for viewers who may be interested in what you’re selling!

Finally, Choose Your Targeting Options and Set Your Budget for the Campaign

A common mistake when launching a campaign is setting exact, broad and phrase match types while ignoring budgeting. It’s essential to take a step back and think through your exact targeting options and what impact they’ll have on your budget. Whether you want to reach exact terms with exact match types, or reach more audiences through broad and phrase match types, understanding the tradeoff between cost and specificity can help you create a strategic budget for your campaign that puts you in the best position to succeed.

When creating an advertisement, it is important to use different keyword match types. This helps you target the right people who might be interested in what you are selling. Exact match types will help show your ad only to people who type in exactly the same words, while broad and phrase match types will reach more people. You need to think carefully about how much money you want to spend on your campaign and which keywords work best for you.

Find Rules on Advertisement Budgets.

Amazon recommends startign with at least $50 per day in ad budget per campaign!

Ultimately, video ads on Amazon are a great way to reach more customers and increase your sales. With the right strategy and leveraging an Amazon consulting agency, you'll be able to target people who are already interested in what you're offering and lower your ACoS with effective ads, whether you’re an e-commerce store or a larger brand. Keep in mind that creating an effective ad isn’t as simple as just uploading a video, so make sure to plan out your ad and include all relevant information about your product, service, or brand to get the most out of your advertising efforts on Amazon. Spending time and money on sponsored brand video ads can really pay off if done correctly—so why not give it a try?

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