What Are The Benefits of Amazon A+ Content And Why You Should Use It


Adam E. Wilkens

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

An extensive marketplace like Amazon necessitates substantial information about a particular product. As potential consumers cannot explore the product minutely compared to those in the traditional stores, the product necessitates detailed information involving images, texts and other information to satisfy and convince consumers. In simple words, if you want your products to stand out and connect better with the customers, then make the best use of A+ Content.

A+ Content, along with providing a professional look to your product, also delivers a wide array of benefits devised to raise your product sales. Having an A+ Content capitulates a rich online shopping experience. This exceptional feature uses distinct elements personified to give online shoppers detailed information about the products.

For this reason, Amazon has presented A+ Content that permits the sellers to involve as much information, including images and text, as they could to highlight the USP of their product. Thus, A+ Content offers an opportunity of branding on the online marketplace that conveys an authentic look of your brand. Using high-quality A+ Content designing, one could feel like shopping online and not on Amazon.

What is A+ Content?

As stated above, A+ Content is an enhancement feature added to the product listing page. This fantastic feature delivers a supplementary area that is quite useful in further describing your product involving personalized options. It eventually makes your product highlighted while illustrating its exquisite features and values.

A+ Content involves distinct ways to enhance the brand value of your product. This customizable content tool helps illustrate the essential features of your product while depicting its real essence using enhanced images and text placements. Interestingly enough, A+ Content involves comparison charts, info-graphics, high definition videos, FAQs et al.

Eventually, it creates one last moment to activate and enhance the purchase decisions. Your design team can create fantabulous eye-catching content or design that makes your clients engaged with your product only instead of scrolling down to others.

An Amazon A+ Content Page involves:

An Amazon A+ Content Page involves:

  • Variegated variety of product images involving distinct angles, lifestyle shots and close-ups; Alluring introductory information illustrating the main features of your product in a few words; An incisive listing combined of bullets featuring product attributes and advantages; Headers with supporting paragraphs that profoundly illustrate the product features and product specialities; All components of products in the What's in the Box section that make the customers aware of the significant features of the product; Videos graphics, comparison chart, product matrix, and 360 types of product views as the significant features of A+ Content enhance product promotion.

Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

According to Amazon, A+ Content leads to enhanced marketing and traffic, higher sales, positive reviews, and a significantly lower return rate. It is just because of unlimited opportunities that result from additional images, videos, and eye-catching texts.

A+ Content pages relay optimal quality and give assurance of increased traffic while satisfying the clients and brand world. The information provided in the enhanced content intensifies the standard text on the PDP, resulting in increased knowledge and a better involvement with the product.

Enhanced Conversions

Amazon assures that product listings incorporated with A+ Content yield a 10% more increase in the average sales. The detailed product descriptions highlight the product's essential features while attracting the customers as the product seems a bit eye-catching and distinct compared to other products. By using A+ Content, consumers can promptly evaluate the offerings without scrolling up and down too much.

Brand Promotion and Recognition

While curating the A+ Content feature, the seller enjoys an opportunity for brand promotion with the benefit of a 10% more increase in sales. This unique feature builds trust amongst customers as they can have ample personalization options. It makes your product listings look more professional and authentic as it helps create a distinct look that is entirely different from the competition.

Increases Organic Traffic

The most beneficial feature of A+ Content is that it increases organic traffic through Google SEO. Google marks or indexes the A+ Content while tailoring the copy appropriately that boosts the traffic and listings rank in Google search results. It results in brand recognition and therefore assists the sellers to expand their consumer reach far further.

Assists Cross-Selling

With the help of Amazon generated comparison tables that feature the seller's products, one can make sure that customers don’t scroll for other companies' products and they stick to your site only. You can enjoy the opportunity of introducing your customers the similar products even if they aren’t satisfied with the current product. Cross-selling matrix options mark a significant impact on brand promotion and sales.

Develops a Better Understanding of the Product

Customers wish to grasp as much information about the products they are spending their money. Online shopping creates various barriers involving clear description, quality and durability of the product as it cannot be picked, touched or tried. With the help of the A+ Content feature, companies can openly present their product while offering the consumers an ultimate buying experience like a store with detailed information about the product—the frequency of complaints and returns decreases. Moreover, an advanced level of understanding about the product forbids incorrect purchases.

A+ Premium Content Features

In addition, the A+ Premium Content feature is also represented by Amazon services. Still, the content associates cost is almost negligible in front of its additional modules through which the seller can increase the sales. High-resolution images and videos can be uploaded that utilize the screen's entire width. Moreover, the Addition of FAQs does matter.

A+ Content Optimizes the Premium-shopping Experience

A+ Content includes the usage of meaningful texts, images and videos that best describe the product specifications and features. Having them all means you are at the right track to showcase a particular product. It leads to an enhanced understanding of the product that further wins the hearts of the consumers exploring products.

Thus, if you wish to improve organic traffic towards your brand, you must switch to Amazon's A+ Content module that can create wonders.