Amazon Account Management

Over 80% of all product research is done on This means customers are going directly to Amazon! to look for products that will best solve a problem or need in their life.

What does this mean for you as the brand owner?

In a sea of preexisting products with a lot of relevance, reviews, & sales you need to stand out. We know it’s tough to get noticed!

Your Journey to Page 1 in Search Results

Through proven methods to grab the attention of the Amazon shopper, we will work to put your best foot forward. Our experience in keyword research methods, competitor analysis, advertising, and content management will help build your brand into something much bigger.

Over $100m Sold On

Over $100m Sold

Over 1000 ASINS Managed

Over 1000 ASINS

15 Years on Amazon

15 Years on

7-Figures in Ads Managed

7-Figures in
Ads Managed

Over 200 Brands Serviced

Over 200
Brands Serviced

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Amazon SEO and
Ranking Experts

Full-service Amazon account management offers comprehensive solutions to maximize your success on the world's largest e-commerce platform. Our Amazon expert team handles every aspect of your Amazon presence, from product listing optimization and keyword research to inventory management and customer service. With our tailored strategies, you'll experience increased visibility, higher sales conversions, and enhanced brand reputation, making your business thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace.

Advertising Management

  1. 1. Verified Ads Partner
  2. 2. Amazon DSP
  3. 3. Amazon Attribution
  4. 4. Sponsored Products Ads
  5. 5. Sponsored Brand Ads
  6. 6. Sponsored Display Ads
Advertising Management

Amazon PPC advertising management is the key to unlocking unparalleled growth and profitability for your products on the Amazon marketplace. Our specialized team of professionals takes charge of your pay-per-click campaigns, conducting in-depth keyword analysis, crafting compelling ad copies, and optimizing bid strategies to ensure maximum ROI. With our result-driven approach, your brand will dominate search results, drive targeted traffic, and achieve higher sales, solidifying your position as a market leader on Amazon.

SEO & Listing Optimization

SEO & Listing Optimization

  1. 1. Keyword Harvesting
  2. 2. Increase Discoverability
  3. 3. Increase Conversions
  4. 4. Peer Analysis
  5. 5. Variations & Merges
  6. 6. Review Automation

Amazon SEO and listing optimization are essential components for achieving top-ranking visibility and driving sales on the platform. Our skilled experts employ cutting-edge techniques to optimize your product listings, strategically placing high-impact keywords, crafting engaging product titles, and creating persuasive bullet points and descriptions. By leveraging our data-driven approach, your listings will rise in search results, attract more organic traffic, and convert browsers into loyal customers, propelling your business to new heights on Amazon's competitive landscape.

Content Marketing

  1. 1. Photography
  2. 2. Infographics
  3. 3. A+ Content (EBC)
  4. 4. Store Creation
  5. 5. Content Writing & Optimization
Content Marketing

Amazon content marketing is a multifaceted strategy that encompasses a range of compelling visual and written elements to captivate and convert potential customers. Our comprehensive approach includes captivating product photography, informative infographics, and engaging A+ content, which all contribute to boosting brand credibility and driving sales. Leveraging advanced analytical software, we craft data-backed content and optimize your Brand Store, ensuring an immersive shopping experience that not only attracts more visitors but also cultivates brand loyalty, fostering long-term success on the Amazon platform.

Brand Protection

Brand Protection

  1. 1. Brand Registry
  2. 2. Performance Metrics Monitoring
  3. 3. Reporting
  4. 4. Technical Analysis and Forensics
  5. 5. Case ID Management
  6. 6. SDS, COI, Application Management

Amazon Brand Registry enrollment empowers businesses with enhanced control over their intellectual property and brand presence on the platform. Our vigilant monitoring system continuously safeguards your brand by detecting potential violations and counterfeit listings, enabling prompt action to maintain brand integrity. With expert case management, we take swift action against infringers, enforcing your rights and ensuring a secure marketplace environment, ultimately fostering trust among customers and driving sustainable growth for your brand on Amazon.

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I have been working with Dotcom Reps for 10 years and in that time they has become a trusted partner. They know their way around Amazon’s endless web of documentation, something that I have no time for as I run my business. They are always a phone call or email away and normally replies within minutes.

Paul Iannuzzo

Managing Director, ABBE Laboratories, Inc.