How Do I Get More Traffic To My Detail Page and Get To Page 1 on Amazon?

Adam E. Wilkens


The three most important aspects of your detail page which impact a9 search on are TBD; Title, Bullets, and Description. These three pieces are the foundation of every good detail page, without them you can have the nicest images and A+ content in the world but no one will find you. Not just any TBD will suffice either, proper formatting, use of maximum allowable character count per field, and use of synonymous and seemingly redundant language is what works best.

Why Are These Elements Crucial?

The reason is because you want to be able to accommodate all of the like search phrasing a customer could potentially use to describe the same type of product or category of product. Honing in on one word or term isn’t enough, many phrase considerations and word iterations need to be accounted for.

How Do You Determine Which Terms to Include?

The answer is easy, and if you already have brand registry approval then you should have access to the brand analytics tool. Using this tool, you will hunt for keywords that are most relevant to your product; sorting by lowest search frequency and work upward. In other words, begin with the most popular terms and then work your way into less popular terms. With this tool the lower the search frequency number the better. This is the best strategy for accumulating traffic, which is a combination of broad phrases and niche phrases. Use the most important ones in your title real estate and then reinforce that in your bullets and description.

The Trifecta Strategy

Popular search frequency phrases used in Title + Bullets + Description. The a9 secret sauce is what a lot of formulas call “proprietary blend,” no one really knows what the programing language dictates. However, those with a lot of experience know enough about the formula to get the ingredients close enough to encourage favoritism with the SERP (search engine results page).

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When you find your most popular (based on search frequency) term for your product type make sure you use it as close to the beginning of your title as possible, like right after the brand name or model name and then reuse this phrase and variations of this phrase in your bullets, then again in your product description. It may seem like a redundancy, but that redundancy is helpful for the system to determine whether or not you are relevant to the inputs from the customers search.

Spend time researching the right combination of words, you should spend as much or more energy here versus any other place. Max out the character count in every field; 200 characters for title, 250 characters per bullet feature (5x bullets) and 2000 character for your long product description. For the long product description, you can use basic HTML for spacing, bolding but no more than page breaks and bold text. I also discourage use of emojis, which you can old do by editing the detail page using your phone or mobile device. We don’t yet know how the system interprets these and It is likely only a matter of time before amazon disallows use of symbols. It also looks very childish and unprofessional.

Now that you have great written content move on to your images + video + A+ content to have the ultimate detail page in Amazon proper. This combination of winning content in “Amazon Proper” format will help skyrocket your organic page views and also add efficiency for your paid search using Amazon Advertising.

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